Iran’s envoy affirms defense cooperation with Moscow

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia has reiterated Iran’s stance on defense cooperation with Russia, dismissing unfounded claims about their involvement in regional conflicts

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia has reiterated Iran’s stance on defense cooperation with Russia, dismissing unfounded claims about their involvement in regional conflicts.

Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the Army Day of Iran in Moscow, Kazem Jalali underscored the mutual commitment of both nations to bolster defense cooperation alongside enhancing overall bilateral relations.
He clarified that these collaborative efforts aim to foster regional peace and stability and are not directed against any third party.

Highlighting the pivotal role of Iran’s army in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Jalali emphasized Iran’s deterrence strategy, grounded in popular support and domestic capabilities, during his speech.
He also expressed concerns about the destabilizing presence of foreign forces in the region, advocating for regional cooperation to address common challenges and conflicts.

Addressing the intensification of hostilities in the region, Jalali accused the West of complicity in Israel’s aggression against Gaza, condemning the massacre of Palestinian civilians despite claims of upholding human rights.
Referring to Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Jalali outlined Iran’s decision to retaliate within the framework of international law, targeting only Israeli military installations.

He issued a warning to Tel Aviv and its Western supporters, stating Iran’s readiness for further actions to safeguard its country and attributing the root cause of the crisis in West Asia to Israel’s ongoing crimes and aggressions against people in Gaza.
Iran’s military prowess showcased in Operation True Promise: military attaché
Also speaking at the ceremony, the military attaché of the Iranian embassy in Russia, Reza Khosravi Moghaddam, highlighted that young experts and thinkers from various branches including the army, armed forces, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and the defense industry have integrated their combat and operational knowledge with modern technologies, paving the way for meeting the nation’s needs and achieving full military and defense self-sufficiency, as well as indigenous technology development.

Khosravi Moghadam further explained that numerous plans and measures have been implemented, including the establishment of various bases such as strategic drone bases and underground tactical bases.
He also noted the significant advancements in defense technology across different domains like land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, encompassing electronic warfare, missiles, air defense, drones, cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies.

The military attaché in Moscow emphasized that this readiness is continuously improving and adapting in response to emerging threats.
Moving on to the military and defense cooperation between Iran and Russia, Khosravi Moghadam highlighted the multifaceted nature of this collaboration, ranging from combat cooperation in counter-terrorism to joint exercises in various maritime regions, educational partnerships, participation in sports-military events, and scientific and cultural exchanges.

He also underscored the message of peace and friendship conveyed by Iran’s armed forces to all nations, while warning against any aggression towards Iran, stressing that any such action would be met with a swift and decisive response.
Regarding Iran’s True Promise Operation, he emphasized how it showcased Iran’s defensive prowess against external aggression and demonstrated its firm determination to protect its interests and security.

Russia supports Iran’s sovereignty
Similarly, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, commended Iran’s resolute defense of its resources and country, affirming Russia’s support for Iran’s sovereignty.

Fomin further elaborated on the strategic cooperation between Russia and Iran across various fields, particularly in defense and technical domains, emphasizing the need for dynamic and broad cooperation, especially in educational and military spheres, to counter mutual adversaries effectively.