Iran introduces comprehensive regulations for drone permits

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has issued special regulations for drone permits.

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has issued special regulations for drone permits.

The comprehensive regulation addresses legal gaps and aims to manage the increasing use of non-military drones across diverse sectors.
The proposed regulations delve into the intricate details of non-military drone activities, encompassing aspects such as production, import, usage, and prohibited operations. A key aspect of the proposal is to establish clear criteria for drone specifications and licensing, with a focal point on the involvement of the Civil Aviation Organization in overseeing these processes.

Importantly, the regulations impose restrictions on drone imports and make licensing mandatory for various activities. Compliance with the Iranian armed forces’ regulations is emphasized, reflecting the government’s commitment to ensuring responsible drone usage. The Ministry of Sports is actively collaborating with provincial councils to identify appropriate areas for recreational-sports drone operations, demonstrating a multi-sectoral approach to drone management.

Unauthorized drone flights are strictly prohibited under these regulations, with legal penalties for violations. The military is empowered to seize unauthorized drones, especially over military areas, and refer violators to the judiciary for appropriate legal action.

Owners of drones are required to promptly report any losses or incidents. Emphasis is placed on liability for damages, making it mandatory for owners to obtain liability insurance before engaging in drone operations. This provision underscores the government’s commitment to accountability and safety in the rapidly evolving landscape of drone technology.

This comprehensive set of regulations reflects a proactive approach by the government to harness the benefits of drone technology while ensuring adherence to legal and security standards. The collaboration between intelligence agencies, military forces, and sports organizations signifies a coordinated effort to strike a balance between innovation and responsible usage in the drone ecosystem.